Frequently asked questions and answers

Why is frozen dough more costly long term?

  • Requires more equipment, proof box, steam injected oven.
  • Higher paid salaries for skilled labor.
  • Longer hours to prepare and produce.
  • Limit sales because it takes time to replenish sold product.
  • Inconsistent product due to handling, IE. over or under proofing, steam issues etc.

How can I benefit by using EZ- Freezer to Oven® product?

  • Control waste by baking product, as needed.
  • Flexability to offer hot breads throughout the day.
  • Save on labor.
  • Simple way to keep shelves full and increase sales.
  • Low investment on equipment.
  • Consistence product.

How can I increase my bread sales?

  • Cross merchandising is key to increase impulse bread sales.
  • Keep a hot bread display in the front of the store.
  • Have a rack of Italian bread down the pasta isle.
  • Fresh bread is always good by the checkout.

What is Thaw & Sell product?

Thaw and sell is product that has been fully baked in our plant packaged and frozen until you put it out to sell.

What are the benefits of thaw and sell?

  • Great for food-service when making sandwiches on demand or perfect for Panini grills.
  • Customers recognize Anthony & Sons bakery brand as a premium Italian made product.

What is retail ready product?

Product that is ready to sell in a printed bag that includes a UPC bar code.

What makes Anthony & Sons Artisan breads so well known?

  • Our Artisan is made with longer fermentation time that delivers a light sour flavor through the dough.
  • Our product is made locally with European recipes dated back from our family heritage.
  • Product is made to order so you get the freshest product available.
  • Although we are fully automated our bakers are still hands on when it comes to molding, scoring, flour dusting that delivers original authenticity attributes that we enjoy.

Can I use EZ Freezer to Oven® product without baking it?

Yes the product is designed to go directly from the freezer to the oven to crisp up the exterior crust. If you want to use it without crisping up the crust then simply defrost at room temperature and it’s ready to use.

How long can I store your product in the freezer?

Because our product is made with premium ingredients we suggest 180-days for optimum results.