We are dedicated to improving the world through sustainable manufacturing and operations
Anthony & Sons Bakery New Jersey Baking Facility

Energy Efficiency

Our commitment to energy efficiency is one of the key goals and part of our sustainable energy mission; we are consistently developing ways to optimize energy consumption in our manufacturing facilities. Reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services and as well key actions taken that improves performance in the reduction of energy usage.

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Sustainable forestry initiative

We care about our environment

We are proud to be a part of the Sustainable forestry initiative. The SFI Forest Management Standard covers key values such as protection of biodiversity, species at risk and wildlife habitat; sustainable harvest levels; protection of water quality; and prompt regeneration. Look for the logo on our boxes.


We are a member of how2recycle practicing and standing for the betterment of the planet. Making small changes are bringing large improvements. Recycling more, and recycling better, makes a true impact. Our goal is to educate consumers to recycle, getting more materials into the recycle bins and eliminating the guesswork.


Sustainable Fleet

In addition to our focus on sustainable initiatives we’ve converted our fleets to clean burning fuel. Cleaner diesel fuel is more than just cleaner petroleum diesel. Diesel engines are capable of operating on advance bio-fuels like bio-diesel and renewable diesel fuels that are capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent. Clean diesel is highly refined to improve combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.