Frozen Products

Our frozen delivery service offers high quality breads and retail ready products.

Anthony & Sons EZ FreeZer to Oven®

Anthony & Sons EZ FreeZer to Oven® line requires no proofing or steam injected oven. Simply remove from freezer place in oven for 3 to 8 minutes and crisp up crust. Interior crumb stays moist longer and fresher.

Benefits that EZ FreeZer to Oven® offers Artisan, Less Handling, Reduction of waste, Increase sales, Keeping shelves full using no additional labor, having product ready on demand, Product consistency, Moist interior crumb with longer shelf life.


Artisan Breads

We take pride in our Artisan breads. Hand scored & baked with our special ingredients “Time & Passion”. Made with longer fermentation time, and superior ingredients, no artificial colors or additives. Taste the true flavor of Italy with every bite.


Artisan Rolls

Our authentic Artisan rolls have a crusty exterior and chewy richly-flavored-interior. Made with longer fermentation time, and superior ingredients, no artificial colors or additives. Taste the goodness in our rolls, with traditional homemade flavors fit for any feast.


Dinner Rolls

We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors when it comes to dinner rolls which makes a perfect addition to any meal or excellent for artisan sliders with simple two step handling EZ FreeZer to Oven® takes all the guess work out.


Subs & Hero’s

Our Subs, & Hero’s are made to perfection…. These are most popular when making a traditional sandwich. Our recipe delivers a nice golden crust and a light interior texture, yet designed to hold up with any meats or sauces. Most of all perfect for grab and go meals that are prepared for refrigerator cases, won’t fall apart or get soggy.


Rye Breads

We take pride in our Rye breads the flavor profile is the best on the market today. Our large selection of size and flavors will satisfy your customers’ needs for any day part.


Rounds & Boules

Whether you’re a Gourmet Chef or your customers are looking for authentic round breads, we deliver top quality rounds and Boules all hand scored. From holiday specials for dips to soup boules the crust on the exterior and the light texture crumb is second to none.



Retail Ready | Thaw & Sell

We are taking Thaw & Sell to the next level. Offering high quality products that are sealed with freshness and ready to sell. Our customers around the country depend on Anthony and Sons Bakery to deliver authentic and traditional breads and rolls.


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